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The content that we have created on this web site,, has a copyright license of Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0 unported unless we indicate otherwise. For attribution please link back to this web site and use “Credodia project of Open Mutual Limited” or “Open Mutual Limited” or “Credodia” if space is limited.

Privacy and Data Protection

Privacy and Data Protection for this and other sites we directly own is managed by us, Open Mutual Limited, a company registered (UK) in England and Wales as company number No: 4019208.  For data subject requests for Open Mutual Limited or for the Credodia project, please contact Open Mutual Limited via email or our contact page here.


Our web sites use session cookies and settings cookies. None of our web sites serve 3rd party advertising at this time. We have implemented the EU-wide cookie compliance rules so you can refuse to accept any cookies we send you from our web sites.


“CredodiaTMand “This Life Your Life Next Life Your MoveSM are trademarks and or service mark property of Open Mutual Limited.

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